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Chicago Political Art Sold Out
Saturdays, 10 am - Noon
September 21 - November 23

We will consider how Chicago became a site for artists to advocate for social and political transformation through creative work. The intersection of arts and crafts with early social work at Hull House, for example, will be traced through the African American and Latino community muralists of the 1960s and 70s. More recent events, such as the 1993 outdoor Culture in Action, will be explored alongside more activist public art. The class will meet at the Center for Arts and Inquiry at the University of Chicago for one session. Ten sessions, $220.

Over the last decade Daniel Tucker has worked as a curator, author, and artist in the socially-engaged art community in Chicago.
Irregular classes scheduled starting 9/21/2013 and ending 12/7/2013 at 10:00AM
Attendees: 1 $ 220.00 ea.
Attendees: 1 $ 198.00 ea.
Attendees: 1 $ 198.00 ea.