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200 Years of Pride and Prejudice Sold Out
Tuesdays, 6 - 7:30 pm
June 4 - July 9

This year marks the 200th anniversary of the publication of Pride and Prejudice. We will gain fresh perspectives on this perennially popular book. Sessions will include in-depth discussions of the novel itself; an examination of the historical and cultural context of the world of the book's publication; a session on the changing critical reception of the novel over the past two centuries as a barometer of the shifts in Austen's popularity; and a viewing and discussion of clips from some film and television adaptations of the novel. Please read Volume I for the first session. Six sessions, $170.

Jeff Nigro is active in the Jane Austen Society of North America and is currently coordinator of the Society's Greater Chicago Region. He is an art historian who was affiliated with the Art Institute of Chicago for over twenty years.
Classes scheduled every week on Tuesday starting 6/4/2013 and ending 7/9/2013 at 6:00PM
Attendees: 1 $ 170.00 ea.
Attendees: 1 $ 153.00 ea.
Attendees: 1 $ 153.00 ea.