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Monthly Giving Frequently Asked Questions


What is Monthly Giving?
Monthly Giving is a convenient way to support the Newberry’s Annual Fund by making a contribution every month. First, you choose an amount to give monthly and then the Newberry will automatically bill your credit or debit card. The minimum monthly contribution is $5 per month.

When will my credit or debit card be charged for Monthly Giving?

Regardless of when you sign up for Monthly Giving, your card will be charged on the 15th of the month. If the 15th falls on a weekend or holiday, your card will be charged the following business day.

Is my Monthly Giving automatically renewed every year?
Yes. Monthly Giving is an ongoing donation plan. We will continue to charge your credit or debit card on the 15th of the month until you cancel or change your plan.

How do I change the amount of my monthly gift, the credit or debit card I use for Monthly Giving, or cancel my Monthly Giving?
Contact Wendy Buta at (312) 255-3581.

Is my Newberry Associates or President’s Fellows membership renewed through my Monthly Giving plan?

Yes. When you set up your Monthly Giving plan, you will receive your membership information and donor card. Your membership and associated benefits are valid for one year. New membership information and an updated donor card will be mailed to you every year as long as your Monthly Giving plan is active. The Monthly Giving plans that correspond with Associates and President’s Fellows giving levels are:

Bibliophiles - $5 a month
Authors - $10 a month
Literati - $25 a month
Humanists - $50 a month
Scholars - $100 a month
President’s Fellows - $125 a month

For more information about the Annual Fund, contact Alexandra Katich at (312) 255-3599 or katicha@newberry.org.

For residents of New York: You may obtain a copy of the last financial report filed by the Newberry with the Attorney General of New York. Contact the Newberry at (312) 255-3581 or the Attorney General's office at The Capitol, Albany, NY 12224.